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3 days of phenomenal riding! This tour starts and finishes on the outskirts of the town of Olofström. We dare say that the route goes through some of southern Sweden’s best riding areas as far as gravel biking is concerned. Magical forests, amazing lake systems, interesting cultural sites, famous arts & crafts locations, great food and much more!

From the County of Blekinge through the Kingdom of Crystal in the County of Småland to the north-east, continuing in a westerly direction towards the unique National Park of Åsnen before turning south and heading back towards the beautiful areas around Olofström and a well-deserved farewell dinner!

The tour is well suited for those who are active cyclists and used to spending quite long days in the saddle. We generally keep the average pace around 22-24km/h and we cover approximately 120km per day with roughly 870 meters of elevation in average. We continuously gauge the ability and status of the group along the way and adjust things accordingly to ensure you all have a great time. 

The terrain itself is not technically difficult, but we do incorporate some forest trails during the tour to ensure some nice variety. We take a few shorter breaks during the days to look at some interesting sights, maybe cool down in a lake and of course to enjoy a nice lunch around midday!

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Why guided tours?

We understand and appreciate that many of us like to explore new routes on our own at times, but we also know for a fact that it often takes more than one go before you find that hidden gem of a road or trail that can be easily missed at first. Furthermore, something that looks great on the map might turn out to be less great in reality, for whatever reason. Not to mention unhappy property and landowners…

Hence, we have spent many hours carefully composing and test-riding each route to ensure that we only ride the best of roads and trails throughout the tour. We have agreements in place with certain landowners and know where we can and can’t ride. Furthermore, we have made an effort to include many interesting sights such as castles, ancient historic sites, arts & crafts locations, culinary places of interest and so on along the way. This will contribute to a rich experience and showcase the beauty and large variety of southern Sweden. This means that you can focus on enjoying the cycling, the scenery and perhaps a chat or two with your fellow riders, and leave all the logistical and navigational duties to us. 

During some stages of the tour it will be perfectly fine to go ahead, or fall a bit behind the main group if you would like some ‘alone time’, we promise not to forget about you! In other words, ‘guided’ doesn’t mean that we always have to ride wheel-to-wheel as one group.

Continuous access to a support vehicle

We call it ‘The Mothership’, our minibus and trailer combo that shadows us throughout the tour. The advantages of this logistical support are many and great! Among other things, it covers us in case of an injury or mechanical breakdown, it can transport any equipment and/or supplies that you don’t feel like carrying with you on the bike during the day and it has a funny way of just appearing unexpectedly and provide us with refreshments and other goodies when all hope of an open convenience store in the evening on the countryside is lost.

Type of terrain and scenery

The terrain we ride is a mix of dual-track gravel roads, single-track gravel roads, flowing trails and some asphalt roads. On a few occasions we do have to get off the bikes for some lifting over paddock fences and push-biking up/down a few challenging hills, but this is very rare and all part of the adventure!
We do at times venture out onto asphalt roads to connect different riding areas, but we have made a genuine effort to seek out the smaller back-roads and stay away from the busier ones as far as reasonably practicable. Naturally, when we pass through more built up areas and towns it’s practically impossible to avoid more frequent interaction with other road users on asphalt roads, but luckily most drivers in Sweden are very respectful of cyclists so it’s generally no issues whatsoever.

The scenery along the tour route is very varying and we cover everything from pine and deciduous forests to lake areas and picturesque farm communities. There are a few shorter challenging climbs over the course of the tour, but we consider these to add a great flavour to the overall experience and welcome them! 

Suitable bikes and equipment

In terms of bike choice, we don’t discriminate! We do believe the best tool for the job is a gravel bike with around 45mm wide tyres, but as long as you can comfortably ride approximately 22-24km/h in average for around 5-6 hours per day on varying surfaces, you are more than welcome to ride your MTB, hybrid bike or whatever tickles your fancy. However, keep in mind that some parts of the route are a bit rougher than the general smooth gravel roads that can be found in Sweden, so make sure you do have a bike that is ready for the occasional ‘hard work’ sections. 

As far as other equipment goes, we recommend that you come well prepared with the most vital spare parts for your bike and personal gear/equipment that will ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable tour. As mentioned above, the ‘Mothership’ can transport whatever gear/equipment you don’t want to carry with you during the days, so you don’t have to hold back on bringing stuff that will add value to your overall experience, may that be some bulky sleeping gear, a yoga mat, a set of extra tyres, an extra chain, a few spokes or whatever.
We do have good local bike shop contacts, but we can’t guarantee that we can find the specific spare part for your individual bike on short notice, so please bring such items with you to reduce the risk of your trip getting cut short due to a mechanical.  

If you are unsure of anything related to these aspects, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to have a chat and do our very best to answer all your questions.     

Overnight stays; simple yet functional accommodation in nice locations

For many reasons, we use B&Bs and smaller hostels for our overnight stays. They provide us with the essentials at a very reasonable cost. In general, the accommodation is a shared twin set-up, but single room accommodation can be organised for an additional cost. 

For those of you who would rather spend the nights outdoors, please contact us to discuss the camping option. It allows us to stay in beautiful places at little or no cost and experience nature at its best. A post-ride swim in a forest lake followed by a cosy evening by the fireplace and a night under the stars can add to the overall experience and is a great way of experiencing the beautiful nature of southern Sweden. 

Food & drinks 

We love a good meal! In other words, we will pass by a number of great eateries, cafes, bakeries etc. during the tour and do our best to show you some of the great local food culture of southern Sweden. We mix and match when it comes to where we eat each day. We generally have breakfast at our place of accommodation, but at times we start the day by cycling a short distance to a nearby café and indulge in a nice breakfast there. We generally have lunch in an eatery/restaurant, but occasionally when we are ‘in the middle of nowhere’, the Mothership comes to the rescue and provides us with a nice lunch-pack. Dinner is had either in an eatery/restaurant or at our place of accommodation.

We are aware of the fact that people have different tastes and dietary requirements, hence we always make sure that there are a number of choices available when it’s time to eat. (Please note that only breakfasts are included in the price.) 

Number of participants  

We have a maximum number of 12 participants per group on our standard tours (and generally a minimum of 4), excluding the guide/guides. This is due to both safety and logistical reasons, as well as to the general dynamic and nature of off-road group cycling. If you are a group of more than 12 people, please contact us to discuss the organising of a bespoke tour.

Our Terms & Conditions

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Well, we believe that about covers it, but please have a look at the FAQ section for some additional information and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we are more than happy to have a chat and ensure you have all the information you need.

Looking forward to hopefully seeing you soon!

/The Yolo Velo Team

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