Who we are

Yolo Velo is a small group of people with a passion for nature and the outdoors, in particular adventure-cycling. So much so, that it has become more than just a hobby in recent years, it's simply what we do most of the time.

The beautiful region of southern Sweden was an easy choice in terms of finding a suitable location for our bike tours.
During the summer of 2020 we spent countless hours researching, planning and exploring on our bikes to ensure that we could showcase the very best of what this beautiful part of Scandinavia has to offer, and we believe our hard work paid off. We managed to find and link together a myriad of awesome roads and trails, include visits to historic cultural sites along the way and also add exciting culinary experiences into the mix. We can't wait to share all of this with you and we're pretty much certain that you won't be disappointed!

At Yolo Velo we will always do our utmost to satisfy the needs and expectations that you, our fellow riders and guests, might have. Furthermore, we strive to respect and preserve nature by being as eco-friendly as practicable in everything that we do. We hope to have you riding with us sometime in the future! And remember, yolo, so make sure to velo 😉

/Attila, Elisabeth, Ralph and Jens - The Yolo Velo Team

Where we are

Yolo Velo operates out of Vellinge, a small community in Skåne County in the most south-western part of Sweden. Our tours however, cover a large area with routes that cross over five counties. This beautiful part of Scandinavia lends itself very well for both gravel biking and road cycling, with its winding bitumen roads, countless gravel roads and smooth forest trails. We believe it is the perfect place to jump on a bike and head out on an adventure. Come and join us!

The below links showcase some of what this exciting destination has to offer. (See the FAQ section for more information about the country/area.)